The Pizza Project at

Franklin & Marshall College

"Do not make mental illness a prerequisite of taking care of your mental health. That's like waiting until you are desperate for pizza before making yourself a pizza. Why suffer? You know that you need pizza. So, make pizza proactively and not reactively." 


Founded in 2019, The Pizza Project is a student-run organization that is meant to help promote positivity and break the stigma around mental health at Franklin & Marshall College. The Pizza Project's mission is to educate students at Franklin & Marshall College about mental health and student resources on campus, in the Lancaster community and online. The Pizza Project also works to promote positivity at Franklin & Marshall College. It does this by posting positive quotes on it's Instagram page and leaving positive quotes around campus. The Pizza Project also holds biweekly free pizza giveaways in Steinman College Center. Students can come to the table in the foyer and answer one question correct about mental health and receive a slice of pizza for their answer. 

Want to stay up to date? Follow us on Instagram @thepizzaproject.fandm and check our website!


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